Wednesday, 16 April 2014

The Review of Fmuser 5W FM Transmitter

The Review of Fmuser 5W FM Transmitter
Hi Sky Blue !
Yesterday I received my Fmuser 5W FM Trasmitter package.
I quickly packed it up to test it.
Can only say that it really meets my needs, and this at a great price.
So many thanks for a very nice deal.

I will mostly use it in the car to get sound from my iphone into car stereo.
To update the car radio with original accessories would cost at least 450 U.S. Dollars,
so this was a very nice and cheap solution only cost me 120USD.

But I obviously had to try it at home too. So I connected the transmitter to
my GP antenna on the roof of the house (see attached picture) and started the transmitter.
I then went in the car for the simplest method of controlling coverage.

At full power, it was actually over 15 km coverage, which was well above my expectations.
At low power, I got a little more than 4 kilometers.
I enclose also two pictures which I have marked the approximate coverage.
If you wish to use this test including my pictures onto eg your homepage to promote this product, it's perfectly OK.

So once again thanks for a great deal!

/ Kenneth
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